At Mid State Builders of Pa. LLC., we make the journey to owning your dream home straightforward and enjoyable. Here are the steps involved in our home buying process:


First, we begin with an initial consultation where you meet with our team to discuss your needs, preferences, and budget. During this meeting, we explain our building options, including modular and stick-built homes, and answer any questions you may have.


Next, you move on to the design selection phase. You can choose from our wide range of pre-designed floor plans or bring your own. Our design team will work with you to customize the layout and features to suit your preferences.


Following the design selection, our team conducts a thorough site evaluation of your building location. We ensure that the site meets all necessary requirements and plan for utilities, foundation, and site preparation.


Once the site evaluation is complete, we assist you in finding the right financing options for your new home. We partner with reputable lenders to help you secure the best terms for your budget.


With financing in place, we handle all necessary permits and approvals required for your new home construction. Our team ensures compliance with local building codes and regulations.


Construction begins once the permits are obtained. For modular homes, this involves manufacturing the modules in our factory, then transporting and assembling them on-site. For stick-built homes, the construction takes place entirely on your property.

Throughout the construction process, we conduct regular inspections to ensure quality and adherence to your specifications.

Before you move in, we conduct a final walkthrough with you to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction. Any last-minute adjustments or touch-ups will be addressed at this stage.

Finally, your new home is ready! We hand over the keys, and you can start enjoying your dream home.

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